Jakob Lind (M.Sc.)
Oslo, Norway

Jakob Lind

Hi, My name is Jakob and I'm a developer working as a freelance consultant in Oslo (born in Sweden). I'm a fullstack developer meaning I am comfortable both on the frontend and backend. My strongest skills are in Javascript, Java and Scala. I am passionate about Lean processes and Lean startup. Most of my professional experience is in the domain Telecom, Media, Banking/finance.

If you want you can check out my blog here. I blog about programming, consultancy, business and other things i find interesting.

Please don't hesitate to contact me about anything at all. I always want to expand my network and meet new people! I also love to hear about and discuss new business opportunities


CV (Norwegian)


Message to recruiters: I am currently not looking for a new opportunity. Please fill out this form and I will come back to you whenever I am available: https://jakoblind.typeform.com/to/m1ye6J

+47 910 06 918